i have a large pleco for sale, i am moving my tanks around and he will be to big to go into the 55 gal tank. hes in an 80gal tank now and is fine in there.. so anything that size and bigger would be best for him.
he does keep the tank clean, and even comes out in the day time.. so you can watch him swim around all the time.
we have had him a long time.. and im guessing hes about 3-5 years old now and looking great.
hes in with 13 inch oscars and is doing fine.. so any kind of fish would be ok with him(tho he did fight with our large catfish)
pick up only
please call anytime after 3pm
i also have 2 13 inch oscars for sale $50 for the pair
and a breeding group of Macaws. 10-15$ each or $50 for the group of 5
i also have many tanks for sale. have a look at my other adds